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Berry Branches

I immediately took to David’s style - which I found visionary and empowering. He is a smart person with big ideas and the enthusiasm and drive to match. I particularly enjoyed David’s contemporary approach to our large scale transformation program - which helped me to think outside the square and really challenge some norms and perceived barriers. David’s energy is contagious and he’s great fun to work with as well - “disrupting the ordinary” - totally true to form!

Catherine Greaves CEO (interim) Country Fire Authority (CFA) VICTORIA

We disrupt the ordinary

Over many years as senior public servants in Justice, DPC, Health, Hospitals and Human Services, we have become masters of our craft. We love helping our clients with advice, strategy, and business redesign to avoid poor outcomes, improve performance, have an influence on government, and get things done.

We can also offer interim executive management to aid your transition planning or meet critical business needs.

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+61 415 986 928

To share some of our ideas

We look forward to sharing our thinking with you!

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